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Playtech long-termed with Dynamic Yield

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Playtech has entered entered into a long-term partnership with automated real-time personalization and optimization solution Dynamic Yield.

The agreement will see Playtech provide Dynamic Yield’s platform to gaming operators, which will allow them to personalize and optimize players’ experience.

The technology helps improve campaign performance by displaying real-time personalised banners on advertising and affiliate networks and automating landing page creation to best fit a player’s location, device, live events and playing history.

Playtech said this will deliver a “significantly enhanced gaming offering” and, in return, will allow operators to maximise revenues and return on investment.

Playtech customers will be able to access the system in a number of ways, all of which Dynamic Yield said are focused on player engagement retention, satisfaction and overall revenue.

Liad Agmon, Dynamic Yield’s CEO:

“Every facet of this industry is optimised to cater for improved player experience, engagement and conversion. Thanks to Dynamic Yield, online marketers in any other market can now enjoy the same level of personalisation and optimisation the ‘big boys’ have been leveraging in order to gain an edge over their competition and increase market share and revenue.”

Shay Segev, Playtech’s CEO:

“Dynamic Yield’s integration to our system is an opportunity to continue to appeal to players with the most relevant content, therefore increasing player lifecycle and enhancing the overall player journey.”

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