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Online gambling to be banned in South Africa?

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The gaming branch is waiting over a decade for South African government to decide the fate of online gambling there.

A lot of money was spent on expertises, reports and researches and hours of political debates. It seems that the goverment has drawn conclusions that will result with banning online gambling.

The Department of Trade and Industry not only opted for prohibition rather that licensing and regulating the online gaming industry, but also proposed ban on dog racing. The body decided to stick with tradional forms of gambling.

This point of view is now being dicussed at the National Gambling Policy Council, the body which will then resume the case and outline the final recommendation to the Cabinet for approval. Then the case will undergoe public comment.

The Department of Trade and Industry’s representatives arguments to ban the online gambling was mostly the fact that in their opinion the ability of online gambling to create jobs was not quantifiable and that several nations around the world had outlawed the practice. They also underlined the necessity to limit gambling to the traditional forms currently in existence.

Spokesman Geordin Hill-Lewis that opposed the government’s view suggested that regulation and licensing was a better course:

“That is a very, very bad decision. I fiercely disagree with that view. It is completely shortsighted to say that it is better for South Africans not to be allowed to gamble online when there is patently significant demand in the country to do that. It is for government to facilitate that in the safest way possible.”

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