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AGA criticized over online gambling decision

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Jeffrey Hass, the Head of US poker for Party Poker has criticized the American Gaming Association.

Haas said the American Gaming Association (AGA) had betrayed the online gambling industry in the US after announcing that it would not support legalised online gambling, even though it had previously state to be fully in favour.

According to Haas, the AGA had taken the “cheap and easy way out” avoiding any confrontation from Sheldon Adelson and Steve Wynn, who are the two biggest opponents of online gambling in the US.

Supporting online gambling or not the AGA was in an impossible position with members of the association both taking part in the sector and those totally against it. It seems the association decided side with the two of the most powerful men in US land based gambling and ignored casino companies such as MGM and Caesars who are fully supportive of internet gambling in the country.

Haas said that New Jersey was not as successful at present as his company had hoped and expected the state to have delivered three or four times the business that it currently has.

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